How to find a poker game in Malaysia

Malaysia is renown for its food, beautiful scenery, hospitable people and much more. A tourist roaming this part of the world however would find it hard to find a poker game. Simply because any form of gambling is prohibited in this country except for the sole casino in Malaysia, Genting Highlands.

Here are 3 ways a tourist in Malaysia can easily find a poker game:

  1. Do some online research and you should find some home games available on a weekly basis. The downside to these home games are that they usually do not allow outsiders without any connection to their inner circle to join the games.
  2. If you have enough people to kick start a game. Say you are travelling with a few friends, try to set up a game a week in advance and try to get others to join. This could be a better solution compared to the above.
  3. Go online. It’s as simple as that. There are many online poker providers in Malaysia. Cash in and  cash out anytime. It’s a sure fire way to get a game in this part of the world.

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