Poker Players That Put Malaysia On The Map

3. Richard Yong

Yong is Malaysia’s at the top of Malaysia’s all time money list as of 2018. He won his biggest tournament in the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge beating poker pros Eric Seidel and Scott Seiver in the final table. His tournament career earnings to date is in excess of $11million. Yong is also a familiar face at the Triton Poker cash games locking horns with poker greats such as Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Daniel Negreanu to name a few.


2. Mervin Chan

Chan made his mark in 2013 becoming the first Malaysian to win the Aussie Million main event! His triumph sent shockwaves back in Malaysia and many credits Chan for the boom of poker in the country. His total tournament earnings is at $1.6million.


1. Paul Phua

Perhaps the most well known poker player in Malaysia. Phua was a successful businessmen in his early life, running a VIP junket business in Macau which made him his fortune. Phua is currently placed 3rd in the money standings in Malaysia. He is notorious at the high stakes cash games tables around the world. He recently won the biggest hand in cash game poker history with over $2.6million in the pot against Tom Dwan. Phua is a legend in his own right back in East Malaysia and is truely a poker hero to Malaysians.

Review of The Top 3 Poker Sites In Asia

3. PPPoker

PPPoker is not your conventional poker site. It is not exactly a platform where players gather and play on the app itself. Its app, available on Android and IOS enables users to create their own ‘Club’. In other words, create their very own poker room where they are able to create tables and run games. Players need to gain access into the respective clubs to be able to play.

PPPoker is popular in Asia due to its home games vibe as mostly familiar faces play against each other everyday. As we speak, there are close to 500 active clubs across Asia varying in sizes. Small being clubs with about 50-100 active members. Large club could consist of anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 players or more.  In order to play, you need to first gain access into a club via agents. Different clubs have different policies in regards to payment. Therefore, the operating procedure really depends on which club you decide to play in.

PPPoker has recently unveiled its Union feature which allows club owners to merge with other club owners in order to share tables. Meaning, players from different clubs can play on the same table. This enables club owners to have a longer life span of their clubs as there are more in flow of players and the club does not die down easily.

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Our Verdict – 3.5/5

We love the user interface and the seemingly stable app. However, getting access into clubs and looking for a trusted agent to work with is a hassle. It’s differing policies amongst clubs usually deters players from joining. Nonetheless, if you can solve the above issues, you should be having lots of fun at PPPoker.


2. Super Poker

An app mainly catered to the Chinese market, Super Poker is China’s hottest poker app at the moment. With plenty of games running from micro stakes to super high stakes, poker players should feel easily at home here. The app is fast and user friendly. The only down side is the look and feel of it does not match up to other more establish poker apps. The user interface looks fairly amateurish to say the least.

Super Poker serves the Chinese market. Hence, its app is entirely in Chinese. Users who can’t read Chinese will find it hard to operate the app. Its games are relatively easy to beat as most people from China have just started to pick up poker. If you can get access into Super Poker, the sky’s the limit. Sit tight and you should win!

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Our verdict – 4/5

Games that are easy to beat far outweigh its limitations of the app. If you read Chinese, Super poker should be your go to place to satisfy your poker needs!


1. Pocket9 

We’ve tested almost all of the poker sites in Asia in 2018 and we’ve come to a conclusion that Pocket9 is indeed the best poker site Asia has to offer at the moment. Part of the IDN Poker Network, the second largest poker network in the world, Pocket9 has everything a poker lover needs.

Pocket9 allows for deposits and withdrawals almost instantly in app. Its app is fast, reliable and has a perfect user interface for poker players. It offers micro stakes to super high stakes games. When it comes to fishes, no where else in Asia beats Pocket9. Its database of players comes mainly from South East Asia. Countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietname etc, its hard to find a place where so many players who are new to the game flock to. More than 500 active tables and 20,000 online players at its peak time, IDN Poker is the largest poker network in Asia.

Pokerstars is the biggest poker company in the World. IDN Poker comes second only to Pokerstars in terms of its player base as reported by PokerScout. The only down side at Pocket9 is that it only caters to the Asian market. Player IPs outside of Asia are blocked making it an exclusively Asian poker network.

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Our verdict – 4.5/5

We think that Pocket9 is a near perfect poker platform. Its seamless app coupled with its ease of use gives players a peace of mind in game. If you are from Asia, signing up and getting started easy making it the most accessible poker platform in Asia. If you’ve played on any Chinese network and found it easy, you’d be in for a huge surprise when you play on Pocket9. Just sit tight and play your premium hands correctly and chances are you’d get paid off handsomely!