Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC/p) is a fast-paced variant of Open Face Chinese Poker. In OFC/p, each player is dealt a series of cards with the goal of arranging 13 of these cards on a layout to form 3 different poker hands. Unlike Open Face, in which cards are drawn individually after the first round, in Pineapple Open Face multiple cards are drawn at a time, and players must choose to play some cards and discard others as they are dealt in turn.


  • Pineapple Open Face Chinese, also called OFC/p, can be played by 2 or 3players.
  • During the course of the hand, players will arrange their hole cards on the layout in rows to make 3 poker hands, arranged in order of ascending rank. These hands are called the top, middle, and bottom:
    • Top hand: A 3-card poker hand, which may only rank as a high card, a pair, or three of a kind. Straights and flushes do not count. It must rank lowest of the 3 hands.
    • Middle hand: A standard 5-card poker hand. It must rank higher than the top hand.
    • Bottom hand: A standard 5-card poker hand. It must rank the highest of the 3 hands.
    • An OFC/p hand that breaks these rules (by having a top hand stronger than the middle hand, or a middle hand stronger than a bottom hand) is a fouled hand and automatically loses.
  • Each player is dealt 5 face-down hole cards.
  • Clockwise from the dealer, players in turn set and confirm the positions of these 5 cards on the layout, face-up. Once confirmed, the cards become visible to all players and cannot be changed or moved.
  • For the rest of the hand, each player is dealt 3 face-down cards at once in turn, and must place 2 of the cards into available positions on the layout while discarding the third. Once positioning is confirmed, the cards become visible to all players and cannot be changed or moved to a different row.
  • The remaining cards are dealt in this manner, three at a time, until all players have completed their layouts of 13 cards. Hands are then compared and scored.


    • Beginning clockwise from the button, each player exchanges points with the remaining players in order.
    • Two players’ individual hands are first compared to each other for scoring, row to row (top against top, middle against middle, and bottom against bottom), with the better hand winning each comparison.
      • 1 point is awarded to the winner of each of the three hands.
      • 3 bonus points are awarded if a player wins all three hands.
    • Additional bonus points called royalties are then awarded for certain strong hands:
      • Bottom Royalties
        • Royal Flush: 25 points
        • Straight Flush: 15 points
        • Four of a Kind: 10 points
        • Full House: 6 points
        • Flush: 4 points
        • Straight: 2 points
      • Middle Royalties
        • Royal Flush: 50 points
        • Straight Flush: 30 points
        • Four of a Kind: 20 points
        • Full House: 12 points
        • Flush: 8 points
        • Straight: 4 points
        • Three of a Kind: 2 points
      • Top Royalties
  • AAA: 22 points
  • KKK: 21 points
  • QQQ: 20 points
  • JJJ: 19 points
  • TTT: 18 points
  • 999: 17 points
  • 888: 16 points
  • 777: 15 points
  • 666: 14 points
  • 555: 13 points
  • 444: 12 points
  • 333: 11 points
  • 222: 10 points
  • AA: 9 points
  • KK: 8 points
  • QQ: 7 points
  • JJ: 6 points
  • TT: 5 points
  • 99: 4 points
  • 88: 3 points
  • 77: 2 points
  • 66: 1 point
  • The awarded points and royalties for both players are tallied and offset, and the total points owed are paid.
  • Another exchange is then scored in the same way, until all players have exchanged with all other players in the hand.


  • Pineapple OFC tables have different Fantasyland bonus requirements ranging from QQ+ (a pair of Queens or better as top) to AA+ (a pair of Aces or better as top). Fantasyland requirements are displayed clearly at the table and in the lobby.
  • A player enters Fantasyland by making a hand which both meets the requirement for the table and does not foul.
  • Players may not sit out or leave the game during a Fantasyland bonus round hand.
  • In the bonus round, the player in Fantasyland receives 14 cards face-down at the start of the hand, and sets a complete hand face-down on the first turn, discarding 1 card.
  • All players not in Fantasyland receive 5 starting cards as normal, and must draw and set their hands face-up in turn. The hand is then scored normally.
  • A player in Fantasyland may repeat Fantasyland and play another bonus round by making one of the following strong hands while in Fantasyland:
    • Three of a Kind or better (top)
    • Four of a Kind or better (middle or bottom)
    • (At QQ+ tables only) a Full House or better (middle)
  • The maximum amount of points that can be won in a Fantasyland sequence is limited by the rule of table stakes.

When selected, the Payouts checkbox at the table displays full details about the exchange of points at the conclusion of each hand.

Pineaple Open Face is played for table stakes. The amount a player has at the table determines the maximum win or loss possible in one hand.