Pot Limit Omaha in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pot limit Omaha has become the go to high stakes poker game across the world and Malaysia is no exception. With PLO, you get more action and more fun. Some might say that there is more gamble int he game compared to No Limit Hold’em, but the seasoned professionals will tell you differently. Highly skilled players can consistently win at PLO.

Many players find the transitioning from PLO to NLH easy. The rules of the game are rather similar, no barrier to entry there. However, good NLH players sometimes find it hard to consistently win at PLO bemoaning the luck factor in the game.

In Malaysia, there is hardly any live PLO games to be found. Therefore, players resort to playing PLO online. There are a few distinct advantages of playing PLO online.

  1. You rarely misread your hand as the app tells you exactly what you have. Beginners tend to not know what hand they are actually holding.
  2. Game play is significantly faster than live games. Again, beginners constantly check their hands to make sure of the hand that they made.
  3. Run multi-times and insurance with the odds and percentages of winning calculated in an instant.

With the advantages mentioned above, it is no wonder why players prefer to play Pot Limit Omaha online in Malaysia. You can start playing PLO at our recommended and trusted apps here:

  3. Pocket9

Evolution Of Online Poker In Malaysia

Back in 2007, poker was huge across the world. WSOP payouts reached astronomical figures. Malaysia was no different. People were crazy over No Limit Hold’em. Home games, Multi Table Tournaments or a simple Sit & Go game was easy to come by. A simple online search would land you on poker forums dedicated to scheduling such games for Malaysians. It was like Tinder for poker.

That sparked a huge interest nationwide. We’ve since seen some Malaysians go pro and compete on the international circuit with some very encouraging results. Poker is huge in Malaysia to say the least. For casual players, it can be a pain trying to find a game of friendly poker.

Fast forward to 2010, online poker in Malaysia actually became a thing. A few poker sites came and went. Those who were lucky actually got to play on reputable sites such as Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker until cashing in into those sites became a problem. Local sites were fun but many complained that it was rigged and did not have proper RNG certification.

Now in 2018 as we speak, online poker has shifted to a more mobile approach. Mobile poker enables players to play anytime, anywhere. The drawback is that you can’t play on that many tables. Most apps allow players to play on just one table with a few exceptions like PPPoker, KKPoker  and Pocket9, where you can actually play on multiple tables at one go splitting your screen in half. Furthermore, those sites mentioned have proper RNG certification. You can now put your mind at ease while playing

The online/mobile poker industry is moving at a very encouraging pace and we as poker players can only hope that it continues to grow.

Online Poker in Malaysia

Anyone who’s tried to find a good old friendly poker game in Malaysia will know that it is quite the challenge. Firstly, there’s the legality issue. Gambling as a whole in Malaysia is actually illegal. Apart for the one and only casino Genting Highlands. That being said, they do not offer poker at their premises. Hence, it is not easy to find a poker game in Malaysia.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find groups of people who offer home games, but that’s also very hard to come by. Many poker players have since turned to online poker to cure their itch! Online poker in Malaysia has seen a boom in recent years due to the factors mentioned above. Apps have been mushrooming at a rapid pace.

In recent times, with the uptake in mobile usage across this region, mobile poker is on the rise. Casual players would just play one table on their mobile phones while grinders could log onto the web app and play multiple tables across multiple apps. Having said that, a couple of apps have already up the ante in terms of multi-tabling. You can even play on multiple tables on a single mobile phone!

Here are 3 top Online/Mobile Poker Apps recommended by our Online Poker Malaysia:

  1. Pocket9
  2. KKPoker
  3. PPPoker

Each app offers its own unique benefits. Click on the links to check them out. Alternatively, please contact us to find out more on how you can play almost instantly now!