Review of The Top 3 Poker Sites In Asia

3. PPPoker

PPPoker is not your conventional poker site. It is not exactly a platform where players gather and play on the app itself. Its app, available on Android and IOS enables users to create their own ‘Club’. In other words, create their very own poker room where they are able to create tables and run games. Players need to gain access into the respective clubs to be able to play.

PPPoker is popular in Asia due to its home games vibe as mostly familiar faces play against each other everyday. As we speak, there are close to 500 active clubs across Asia varying in sizes. Small being clubs with about 50-100 active members. Large club could consist of anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 players or more.  In order to play, you need to first gain access into a club via agents. Different clubs have different policies in regards to payment. Therefore, the operating procedure really depends on which club you decide to play in.

PPPoker has recently unveiled its Union feature which allows club owners to merge with other club owners in order to share tables. Meaning, players from different clubs can play on the same table. This enables club owners to have a longer life span of their clubs as there are more in flow of players and the club does not die down easily.

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Our Verdict – 3.5/5

We love the user interface and the seemingly stable app. However, getting access into clubs and looking for a trusted agent to work with is a hassle. It’s differing policies amongst clubs usually deters players from joining. Nonetheless, if you can solve the above issues, you should be having lots of fun at PPPoker.


2. Super Poker

An app mainly catered to the Chinese market, Super Poker is China’s hottest poker app at the moment. With plenty of games running from micro stakes to super high stakes, poker players should feel easily at home here. The app is fast and user friendly. The only down side is the look and feel of it does not match up to other more establish poker apps. The user interface looks fairly amateurish to say the least.

Super Poker serves the Chinese market. Hence, its app is entirely in Chinese. Users who can’t read Chinese will find it hard to operate the app. Its games are relatively easy to beat as most people from China have just started to pick up poker. If you can get access into Super Poker, the sky’s the limit. Sit tight and you should win!

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Our verdict – 4/5

Games that are easy to beat far outweigh its limitations of the app. If you read Chinese, Super poker should be your go to place to satisfy your poker needs!


1. Pocket9 

We’ve tested almost all of the poker sites in Asia in 2018 and we’ve come to a conclusion that Pocket9 is indeed the best poker site Asia has to offer at the moment. Part of the IDN Poker Network, the second largest poker network in the world, Pocket9 has everything a poker lover needs.

Pocket9 allows for deposits and withdrawals almost instantly in app. Its app is fast, reliable and has a perfect user interface for poker players. It offers micro stakes to super high stakes games. When it comes to fishes, no where else in Asia beats Pocket9. Its database of players comes mainly from South East Asia. Countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietname etc, its hard to find a place where so many players who are new to the game flock to. More than 500 active tables and 20,000 online players at its peak time, IDN Poker is the largest poker network in Asia.

Pokerstars is the biggest poker company in the World. IDN Poker comes second only to Pokerstars in terms of its player base as reported by PokerScout. The only down side at Pocket9 is that it only caters to the Asian market. Player IPs outside of Asia are blocked making it an exclusively Asian poker network.

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Our verdict – 4.5/5

We think that Pocket9 is a near perfect poker platform. Its seamless app coupled with its ease of use gives players a peace of mind in game. If you are from Asia, signing up and getting started easy making it the most accessible poker platform in Asia. If you’ve played on any Chinese network and found it easy, you’d be in for a huge surprise when you play on Pocket9. Just sit tight and play your premium hands correctly and chances are you’d get paid off handsomely!


Complete Guide to Playing Online Poker in Malaysia

The Law

Malaysia has extremely strict laws when it comes to gambling. Apart from a few government licensed lottery companies and the sole casino operator in Malaysia, Genting, it is hard to find a place one can safely and comfortably play any form of card games in the country.


Live poker Rooms in Malaysia 

Live poker rooms in Malaysia still exist as of the writing of this article. However, it is hard to locate an active card room, as most do not market themselves due to legality issues. Hence, players rely on their own network of friends to get into games. Safety is the main concern here as there have been cases where poker rooms were raided by the authorities. Therefore, it is not advisable to play at live games in both Malaysia because technically, the authorities does not recognise it as a legal business. The safer bet would be organising your own home games with friends where only your inner circle of friends play.

You can find live poker games with a simple Google search which would lead you to forums or closed Facebook groups. Getting into the live games without knowing anyone in the inner circle is a huge challenge due to tight security measures at the venue.


Online Poker

Online poker in Malaysia has seen a huge spike in players in the past couple of years. Since many top poker sites such as Pokerstars or Full tilt does not cater to the South East Asian market, many local players have emerged.

Players can safely play without worrying about any issues as online players mostly stay anonymous. Many have chosen online poker as their top choice for playing poker. Players are not limited to their own group of friends to find a game; they play with people all over the world at multiple blind levels.

The majority of Malaysian players play at a lower blind level. These are mostly recreational players. A small percentage of players play at the higher stakes. A select few websites cater to both crowds.

As with the rest of the world, Texas Hold’em is the game of choice for most Malaysians with a a minority preferring Pot Limit Omaha.


Advantage of Online Poker

Online poker is fun and has many upsides. Here are some of the reasons why many poker players in Malaysia choose to play online

  • Ease of finding a game.
  • You play more hands. Speed of the game is significantly faster than live poker.
  • Players get to play on multiple tables at the same time.
  • Players play and test their skills against other players from different countries.
  • Players can play anywhere anytime.


How to get started playing online?

First and foremost, you have to do your homework on which sites you would like to play on. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing for the right online poker company for you.

  • How reputable and safe is the site? Does it have the required licenses and random number generator? This is essential for fair gaming. Never play on a website that is not certified for RNG.
  • What are the stakes on the website? Bigger and more reputable sites would have games for all blind levels. Smaller websites generally only have either big games or small stakes.
  • Depositing and withdrawals. Do these companies provide instant withdrawals? Never play at a website that does not provide instant withdrawal services. If a site does not provide this service, it shows a lack of good management within the company. Remember, the money belongs to you; you should have the right to get it instantly.
  • Do you prefer to play on your PC or mobile?
  • Last but not least, do you think you can consistently win on the platform chosen? In other words, choose a platform with the most fishes. Through our experience, there are ways to spot a site with many fishes. Firstly, fishes like to play at the lower stakes tables due to obvious reasons. If a site offers many tables at low stakes such as $0.5-$1 blinds or lower, this shows that the site is potentially filled with beginners who are just trying out the game.
  • A perfect example would be Pocket9. This platform has games for all blind levels. From the micro stakes to $20-$40. They have about close to 500 tables running catered to the lower stakes and about 50 tables running catered to mid and high stakes players. This shows that this platform could very well be filled with fishes. Stay away from websites that offer mostly high stakes games as there will be many grinders waiting to pounce on you.


Payment method

The market in Malaysia relies a lot on agents providing credits to players. While playing on credit may sound like a good deal, there are downsides to it. Firstly, players tend to get out of control during bad runs and end up losing more than they can afford to pay. The second reason is more prevalent in Malaysia. Agents do not pay up your winnings. Imagine playing thousands of hands the whole week and winning a few thousand dollars only to have your agent bail on you during payday. Hence, we do not recommend playing under agents. Find a platform that receives deposits and provides instant withdrawal. There are only a handful of poker platforms that provide this service in Malaysia.


Tournaments and Sit n Gos

Most reputable poker sites offer some form of tournaments and sit n gos. Look for a site that provides daily freeroll tournaments to its players. Who doesn’t like freebies?


Is The Platform Part of a Poker Network?

A poker network is a group of online poker rooms that share the same software and players. The network of poker rooms keep the tables alive and active. Usually, a poker Network consists of poker rooms from all over the world. The companies have different branding and skins in different regions of the world. Choose a poker room that is part of a huge and reputable network for a peace of mind while playing.

A perfect example would be Pocket9 which is part of the IDN Poker network. IDN poker is the largest poker network in Asia and the second largest poker network in the world. Pocket9 caters for IDN’s South East Asian Market. The games run 24/7 across all blind levels. It is truly your one stop solution for all your poker needs.


As you would already have noticed by now, playing poker in this part of the world can be quite the challenge. Do your homework and make the correct choice for your online poker needs. Good luck, and may the flop be with you!


Pot Limit Omaha in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pot limit Omaha has become the go to high stakes poker game across the world and Malaysia is no exception. With PLO, you get more action and more fun. Some might say that there is more gamble int he game compared to No Limit Hold’em, but the seasoned professionals will tell you differently. Highly skilled players can consistently win at PLO.

Many players find the transitioning from PLO to NLH easy. The rules of the game are rather similar, no barrier to entry there. However, good NLH players sometimes find it hard to consistently win at PLO bemoaning the luck factor in the game.

In Malaysia, there is hardly any live PLO games to be found. Therefore, players resort to playing PLO online. There are a few distinct advantages of playing PLO online.

  1. You rarely misread your hand as the app tells you exactly what you have. Beginners tend to not know what hand they are actually holding.
  2. Game play is significantly faster than live games. Again, beginners constantly check their hands to make sure of the hand that they made.
  3. Run multi-times and insurance with the odds and percentages of winning calculated in an instant.

With the advantages mentioned above, it is no wonder why players prefer to play Pot Limit Omaha online in Malaysia. You can start playing PLO at our recommended and trusted apps here:

  3. Pocket9

Evolution Of Online Poker In Malaysia

Back in 2007, poker was huge across the world. WSOP payouts reached astronomical figures. Malaysia was no different. People were crazy over No Limit Hold’em. Home games, Multi Table Tournaments or a simple Sit & Go game was easy to come by. A simple online search would land you on poker forums dedicated to scheduling such games for Malaysians. It was like Tinder for poker.

That sparked a huge interest nationwide. We’ve since seen some Malaysians go pro and compete on the international circuit with some very encouraging results. Poker is huge in Malaysia to say the least. For casual players, it can be a pain trying to find a game of friendly poker.

Fast forward to 2010, online poker in Malaysia actually became a thing. A few poker sites came and went. Those who were lucky actually got to play on reputable sites such as Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker until cashing in into those sites became a problem. Local sites were fun but many complained that it was rigged and did not have proper RNG certification.

Now in 2018 as we speak, online poker has shifted to a more mobile approach. Mobile poker enables players to play anytime, anywhere. The drawback is that you can’t play on that many tables. Most apps allow players to play on just one table with a few exceptions like PPPoker, KKPoker  and Pocket9, where you can actually play on multiple tables at one go splitting your screen in half. Furthermore, those sites mentioned have proper RNG certification. You can now put your mind at ease while playing

The online/mobile poker industry is moving at a very encouraging pace and we as poker players can only hope that it continues to grow.

Online Poker in Malaysia

Anyone who’s tried to find a good old friendly poker game in Malaysia will know that it is quite the challenge. Firstly, there’s the legality issue. Gambling as a whole in Malaysia is actually illegal. Apart for the one and only casino Genting Highlands. That being said, they do not offer poker at their premises. Hence, it is not easy to find a poker game in Malaysia.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find groups of people who offer home games, but that’s also very hard to come by. Many poker players have since turned to online poker to cure their itch! Online poker in Malaysia has seen a boom in recent years due to the factors mentioned above. Apps have been mushrooming at a rapid pace.

In recent times, with the uptake in mobile usage across this region, mobile poker is on the rise. Casual players would just play one table on their mobile phones while grinders could log onto the web app and play multiple tables across multiple apps. Having said that, a couple of apps have already up the ante in terms of multi-tabling. You can even play on multiple tables on a single mobile phone!

Here are 3 top Online/Mobile Poker Apps recommended by our Online Poker Malaysia:

  1. Pocket9
  2. KKPoker
  3. PPPoker

Each app offers its own unique benefits. Click on the links to check them out. Alternatively, please contact us to find out more on how you can play almost instantly now!