Pot Limit Omaha in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pot limit Omaha has become the go to high stakes poker game across the world and Malaysia is no exception. With PLO, you get more action and more fun. Some might say that there is more gamble int he game compared to No Limit Hold’em, but the seasoned professionals will tell you differently. Highly skilled players can consistently win at PLO.

Many players find the transitioning from PLO to NLH easy. The rules of the game are rather similar, no barrier to entry there. However, good NLH players sometimes find it hard to consistently win at PLO bemoaning the luck factor in the game.

In Malaysia, there is hardly any live PLO games to be found. Therefore, players resort to playing PLO online. There are a few distinct advantages of playing PLO online.

  1. You rarely misread your hand as the app tells you exactly what you have. Beginners tend to not know what hand they are actually holding.
  2. Game play is significantly faster than live games. Again, beginners constantly check their hands to make sure of the hand that they made.
  3. Run multi-times and insurance with the odds and percentages of winning calculated in an instant.

With the advantages mentioned above, it is no wonder why players prefer to play Pot Limit Omaha online in Malaysia. You can start playing PLO at our recommended and trusted apps here:

  3. Pocket9